Aussie furries talk out, say they’re misunderstood

Aussie furries talk out, say they’re misunderstood

THIS hundreds of furries from around the world are descending on Sydney for a weekend of socialising, drinking and video gaming weekend.

But, the burgeoning fan culture – for which individuals invest thousands on custom-made animal matches and hook up at cafes, pubs, events and conventions – happens to be lampooned because of the news all over the world as a deviant cult that is sex-crazed.

The common accusation is that the gatherings of anthropomorphic animal characters with peoples characters and characteristics become crazy orgies, where furries obtain it on with each other while donning their flamboyant matches.

In order to make life a lot more awkward, the subculture that is obscure associated with bestiality and reportedly infiltrated by right-wing extremists and white supremacists referred to as “alt-furries” – claims which numerous within the furry community have actually strenuously rejected.

Aussie furries whom talked to in front of on the weekend’s sold-out Harbour City Fur Con, a fan that is massive in Sydney’s CBD that will be attended by well-known, worldwide furry speakers, stated those in search of intercourse within an animal suit compensate simply a little minority of these donning the colourful costumes. Continue reading “Aussie furries talk out, say they’re misunderstood”